lg phone spyDo you need a good LG spy to monitor your teen or employee cell phone behavior? Then take a look at our comprehensive review. We will walk you through some of the basics in terms of implementing and choosing the right program to suit your needs.  The first thing which you must do is to choose the right app for the job. There are quite a few on the web today but you will be looking at the ones which are compatible with the LG phone as well as has the features which would capture the person’s typical behavior.

For example, if the person text messages quite often then a basic sms interceptor would do the job. However if the person uses google talk or Whatsapp then you will have to consider finding a more robust program which can spy on these LG features. However, remember that the cost is directly related to the features acquired. The price ranges from $50.00 to $500.00USD.

Once the software has been decided, then it will be time to install. These spy applications must be installed onto the specific cell phone which is targeted. They usually take around ten minutes to setup and must be activated with the special key issued by the vendor. Once the program goes into operation the user will be able to view and listen to certain communications. This could be simple stuff such as intercepting sms messages or more advance such as eavesdropping on the phone call.

It is really up to you to decide how far you wish to go as well as how much money to spend.

Top LG spy software List

Below is the list of best products which could be used to monitor a LG smart phone. It starts with the most basic and affordable and then continues to some of the more advance applications on the market today.


1. Spybubble- One of the most popular cell phone monitoring programs on the web today it consists of simple features in order to track the persons mobile usage. The cost is also minimal which puts this software in the range of most persons who wish an affordable and effective solution.

Features: lg phone tracker, call history report, text message monitoring, website tracking, phone book access, email monitoring, photo capturing.

Price:  $49.99

Additional Information:

mobistealth pro

2. Mobistealth- This LG spy app goes further than Spybubble in terms of features. You will find

Features: In addition to Spybubble features you will also be capable of spying on Whatsapp messenger; listening in on phone conversations; bugging the mobile surroundings; sim card notification; viewing of calendar details and video logging

Price: $39.99USD to $199.99USD

Additional information: www.mobistealthpro.com



Is this software legal?

The answer to that question is absolutely. Spy software for lg phones or any other mobile are legal providing you follow your local laws when implementing them. Generally parents and employers are usually on the right side of the law because the mobile belongs to them. However, once the person is over 18 you may be required to notify them that their smart phone is being monitored. No matter what is your situation it is best to seek the advice of an attorney to ensure you are not being involved in any illegal activities.

Do you need an internet connection to use these spy apps?

Every lg spy software on the web will require some form of online connectivity. This is because the information gathered is transmitted across the internet to an email or surveillance type account. If the person isn’t connected either by a data package or wifi then you won’t be able to receive any records or even activate your subscription.

What is the best LG spy app presently on the market today?

Currently, on the top of the list are Spybubble, Mobistealth and Stealthgenie. Each would have their own set of benefits in which Spybubble offers a basic package with just the right features to discover what is happening with the person. You will be looking at functions such as sms interception, LG tracking, email monitoring, picture logging, url recording and contact details. This is for just under 50 bucks which puts it in the range of the average consumer. If you would like to acquire further details on Spybubble then visit www.spybubblelite.com.

For advance functionality you would have to look at the other two which are Mobistealth and Stealthgenie. You will be able to do other stuff such as eavesdrop on cell phone calls; use the mobile as a bug; sim change notifications etc. Stealthgenie offers a bit more functionality than its competitor allowing you to track certain keywords in correspondences and also a unique feature known as geo-fencing (basically notify you if the person leaves or enters a particular area such as school). The prices are pretty close but presently Mobistealth is the cheaper lg phone spy.

For more information on Mobistealth go to www.mobistealthpro.com.

For additional details on Stealthgenie .

How does it work?

Similar to most cell phone monitoring applications these app must be installed onto the respective lg phone. Once the subscription is activated it will go to work gathering all the information it was designed for. The information will then be sent to either an email account or surveillance one. As the user simply visit these accounts and your data will be there for you to look at.

Will the person know that he or she is being monitored?

Generally, no. Unless you notify the person that their phone has lg spy software installed on it or that you start hinting about things which makes it obvious.

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monitor lg phoneAre you looking for a means to spy on a lg phone? Would you like to have the ability to track the mobile’s location or text messages? Well then you have reached the correct place. It does not matter what your needs are by using the proper tools in this article you will surely discover what you are looking for. First and foremost let’s look at the ways in which you could monitor this smart phone. The first one is to actually take up the phone and look through each and every communication. In terms of process it is tedious and typically when the individual realizes that he or she is being watched the person tends to either delete or restrict their communications. In other words you would see what they think you would want to.

The alternative is lg phone spy software. The advantages of using this type of app opposed to the previous method are:

  1. Information is captured no matter if it was deleted or not
  2. The user of the mobile will not be aware that he or she is being monitored
  3. After installation there would be no need to touch the phone to know what is going on with them.

The only difference is that these things actually cost a few bucks however the results or the information gathered is typically worth much more. Therefore parents who wish to keep an eye on their kids or employers tend to go this route.

How do you use software to spy on lg phone?

Cell phone spy apps work the same way generally. Essentially, you must first install it onto the lg phone which needs to be monitored. This would only take a few minutes in which the major thing you would need to do is to input is the activation key. Once in operation these apps will start to record everything they were designed for and then relay the data back to you the user via the internet (e.g. through email). Therefore you won’t have to go near that particular device to know what is happening. Simply sit back and relax and view what transpires. When there is anything which you see that needs correcting then do so but remember never to let on where you get your information from.

When it comes to features there is really nothing that is out of the reach of these apps. You could easily read instant messenger conversations; listen in on cell phone calls; view websites visited etc. It all comes done to the lg phone spy software that is chosen.

What software should I choose?

Right now, one of the top apps on the internet is Spybubble. It comes in two versions which are standard and pro. If you decide to go standard then you will be able to monitor phone contacts, emails, sms messages, websites visited, photos taken and call logs. This is essentially what you would need for basic surveillance and for just under 50 bucks it is definitely worth it. The pro version comes with two additional features which are call tapping (eavesdropping in on mobile calls) and also phone bugging (listening in on surroundings). It is an additional 35 bucks however; there is nothing better than listening in on what the person has to say.

For more details on how to spy on lg phone with Spybubble simply  

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lg sms spyLg text message spying apps were developed with employers and parents in mind. The implementation of this software involves the user installing it onto the cell phone targeted. Once that is completed the interceptor will start to record the individual sms messages which has been sent or received by the device. As information is captured periodically it is then sent to the user via the internet to either an email address or surveillance server.  When it is time to review the messages the person would have to go online to retrieve the information.

The advantages of doing a remote reporting system are that the user of the program would never have to touch the lg phone to know what is going on and also the logs will be accessible at anytime or anywhere. Therefore, if you are an employer that implements this system spy on a lg phone text messages; when you are out of town you would still know exactly what is going on. Also there are other attributes to these products in which you would also be able to track the lg phone, monitor Whatsapp conversations and much more.

Below we will review the most popular apps which you could use to monitor this phones communications.

Review of top Lg sms spy apps

The best software you can use to check on the text messages of this mobile phone are Spybubble and Mobistealth. Both are excellent at doing the job however, Spy bubble tend to be the one preferred primarily due to price and simplicity. It contains the most basic features when it comes to surveillance and this includes phone tracker capabilities; email interception; website logging; call logging; phonebook details and photo logging. For around 50 bucks almost everyone is able to afford it. If you are interested in learning more about this particular application then visit http://spybubblelite.com .

On the other side of the coin is Mobistealth which contains the same features as Spybubble but quite a bit more. By installing this lg text message spy, you would be able to also intercept Whatsapp messages, listen in on phone calls, bug the mobile phone, sim change notifications and more. Its price could go as high as 200 bucks but it depends on which functions you wish to implement. Presently, there are three types of subscriptions which are Lite, Pro and Prox. If you are interested in finding out more then go to its official website http://mobistealthpro.com.

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lg trackerDo you want to track a lg phone location without the person’s knowledge? Would you like to know where your employees or children are at all times? Well that is no problem just take a look at this overview and you will find out everything about this special tracker software. The first thing which you need to know is the requirements to use these types of programs. There are only two but without either the implementation of the system would not work.

The first prerequisite is a functioning gps chip. All lg tracking software use gps coordinates to capture the location of the phone. It is then transposed onto a map in which you would see precisely where the person is at. Therefore if the particular mobile does not have a gps chip or it is not functioning it would be impossible to know its location. The second requirement is internet connectivity. The target device must have internet connectivity either via a data plan or wifi to send the surveillance information to the user’s email address or web account. Once these two things are confirmed then the implementation part can begin.

What app should I choose to track a LG phone?

On the web there are two lg tracker apps which really stand out. These are Spybubble and Stealthgenie. The difference between them lies in the cost and also additional features offered. Spybubble is a popular basic cell phone monitoring application which is typically the first choice. Its other features include lg sms spying, url monitoring, call logging, email capturing, phonebook access and also photo logging. At a price of just $49.99USD its price range is generally good to fit most persons’ pockets.

For further details on Spybubble simply  .

If you need a bit more bang then you would need to take a look at Steathgenie. In addition to what the competition has to offer it goes a bit further. You will also be able to use the lg phone as a bug; listen in on cell phone calls; record videos taken; sim change notifications; remote control of application and a geo fence system (notify you if the user has left or entered a particular area). The price however varies according to the features chosen varying between $59.97 to 199.99USD

In order to find out more about how to track a lg phone with Stealthgenie  .

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Stealthgenie is a cell phone monitoring program which allows the user to spy on either a Blackberry, Android or iphone smart phone. It is actually rated one of the top programs around not only based on the features provided but also customer support. The features offered by Stealthgenie are some of the most wanted in the world and it gives it users this at a price more reasonable than many of the apps available today. In terms of customer support, it is available through a special online messenger service which allows you to speak to the service agent directly. This cuts down query time significantly and is very useful in the event that you are in a crunch. The ticket system is also available and could be used when this facility is offline.

When it comes to its operation Stealthgenie is relatively simple, as a result virtually any individual would be able to get it up and running in no time. This particular cell phone spy app requires that the user setup the program on the target phone. In all this would take a few minutes with the user configuring the options as necessary. In general most persons leave the default settings therefore the configuring step is omitted. The final stage before this cell phone monitoring app goes into action is to input the registration key which is usually given at the time of purchase. Everything then begins and Stealthgenie goes into action recording the activities it was designed for. As data is collected the details are sent to spy account. You could then review Stealthgenie control panel to see what has been logged.

If you have decided to go ahead and purchase this app then you would have to make a choice between the various packages available which includes basic, gold and platinum. Each choice carries its own set of functions and as a result the price varies from basic to platinum.

The functions included with this software are:

  • sms monitoring
  • bbm interception
  • whatsapp messenger spying
  • email logging
  • picture and video logging
  • gps location tracking
  • geo fencing
  • keywords notifications
  • Phone call interception (record cell phone conversations)
  • sim change notifications
  • Remote control of the mobile
  • imessage spying
  • call logging
  • Cell phone bugging (listening in on the surroundings of the device by turning on the mic)

When it comes to price you would be looking to pay between 60 and 160 bucks which is dependent on the type of package chosen as well as the subscription length.

Stealthgenie review conclusion

Overall this program provides its user with a cost effective method of cell phone surveillance. Since you are able to upgrade functions without reinstalling the application this means you could start from basic mobile monitoring to the more complex one. As a result anyone can take full advantage of it. If you are interested in finding out more about Stealth genie then  get and head to the main website for more details and to purchase.

android spying softwareWhen it comes to Android spy apps there are a only a few on the market which are truly worth your time and effort. In this review we will be looking at the two which stands out the most today. If this is the first time that you are looking to employ a cell phone monitoring application then there are a few things you should take into consideration. The first thing is the activities of the person which you are interested in spying on. This is very important because it dictates the degree of surveillance you would be needing.

Since the features are usually related to the price it means that you can save quite a bit by knowing the person’s habits. For instance if the person only uses text messages you would get away with a basic android spy app which would cost around 50 bucks. However; most of their communications is through talking then you would need a program which can listen in on cell phone calls then you would have to pay more. This could truly help with your pocket. So what do you do if you are not certain of anything? Well then you should employ an application which could cover all of the features you would most likely require.

Now that you know what to look for in terms of features you also need to ensure two things in order to commence spying on Android smart phone. The first is that the phone user must have an active connection to the internet. In that way it would be possible to send the monitoring data to you either via email or a special account. Secondly, you must have physical access to the mobile in order to install it. This is because it is not possible at this current time to set up otherwise. Once that is confirmed then it is time to move to the next phase which is purchasing.


 In the realm of android phone monitoring there are two programs which stands out today. These are Stealthgenie and also Mobile spy. Mobile spy is the more popular one because it contains the majority of features people are looking for and at a relatively low starting price of 50 dollars. Its features includes the ability to monitor whatsapp messenger, emails, phone call history, text messages, photos, videos, etc. In addition this Android spy software comes with Sniper spy which is an awesome pc monitoring program for free as well. For more details visit www.mobilespylite.com.

stealthgenie software

 Stealthgenie on the other hand is a top surveillance program which contains the majority of features that Mobile spy does but carry things a bit further. This program offers its users the ability to listen in on cell phone conversations and its surroundings. The main difference between the two is that Stealthgenie actually comes in different packages which are basic, gold and platinum. As a result you have a choice on which features you wish and in the event you want to upgrade the functions you can do so without re installing the program. The price for this Android spying app starts at around 60 bucks. If you are interested in finding out more then getto go to the official website.  


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spyware for lg phoneSpyware for Lg phones gives the user quite a bit of power on the person they wish to monitor. These simple but robust apps when installed onto someone’s LG smart phone allow the user to view their communications with others. It is not limited to reading text messages but other things such as listening in on cell phone calls; using the mobile as a bug; looking at contact details and much more. There is nothing that lg phone spy software cannot monitor. In fact the limitation is really from the vendor side in which they determine how much their customer sees. As the customer wants to know more these vendors add additional functionality to meet the market demand and stay ahead of the competition.

Most lg spyware apps work the same in which the user must download and configure it onto the lg phone in question. Once that is done it would be just a matter of either going online to the vendors website to view what is happening by entering your security credentials. In the case with the cell phone tapping or bugging features the user must assign a special phone number during the set up. When the person then dials into the smart phone using that particular number it would turn on the mic allowing the user to listen in on the surroundings of the mobile.

In the case with tapping the mobile phone every time a number is dialed or received a sms message is sent to the user of the spy app. If there is desire to listen into the chat the spyware user would simply have to call the lg phone at that time. This would transform the original two way conversation into a three way one in which everything said could be heard. All of this is possible with this technology it is just a matter of selecting the appropriate app for you to use in the scenario.

What are the best lg spyware apps?

If you are looking to monitor any cell phone the best app on the market is Spybubble. It comes in two options which is Standard and also Pro. The features which comes with the Standard version are text messages monitoring, photo capturing, contact details, gps tracking, email interception, website monitoring and call logging. This version consist the core elements in cell phone surveillance and generally is enough to accomplish your mission. It cost just $49.95USD which puts it in the range of most persons.

If additional functionality is required then you could look at the Pro option which consist of the same features as the basic version however, it is also able to listen in on mobile conversations and the environment. When these two additional functions is added then there is nothing which you would not be able to find out. It costs an additional $35.00USD if needed. For more details on Spybubble lg spyware .

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The process of using a lg tracker software is quite simple. It just requires that the mobile in question has a gps chip installed onto it and also some form of internet connectivity; whether it is a data package or wifi. Despite, popular belief these tracking tools are easy to implement and you do not need to be a techie to do so. Simple basic knowledge of how to download and install a program is all that is necessary to setup this technology. After it has been configured the program will start to capture the coordinates of the mobile periodically and forward them to the user’s web account.

When the user accesses their account and decides to pull up information for a particular time period the coordinates are then converted into a map which consists of roads, buildings and places of interest (see the map below).

 lg phone location


The best part is that these lg tracker apps are undetectable which makes them appealing to parents and employers who wish to spy on a lg phone location without the user knowing. Actually you will be able to know a bit more because these products do not come with one function alone. Below we will review two popular applications which could be used to trace this smart phone location.

 What are my best options?

As mentioned earlier we have two options in which you could look at. The first one is Spybubble which is the more prominent program in this industry. It costs $49.99USD for the basic package and its features include:

  • Lg phone tracking
  • Text message spying
  • Website monitoring
  • Email interception
  • Photo logging
  • Phonebook details

If you would like the ability to listen in on a cell phone calls or the surroundings of the device simply pay an additional $35.99USD and that is also possible. In general most people stick with the basic version unless they have need to go a bit further. Either way it is almost certain you would get what you need and more by using this lg phone tracker. For more details on the Spy bubble program visit the website www.spybubblelite.com.

The second option is Stealthgenie which offers the same functions as Spybubble and more. In addition you would be able to create a geo fence (this issue a warning if the lg phone was to leave or enter a particular area); sim card change notification; video logging; remote locking; remote uninstall etc. It costs a bit more but it is definitely worth it. Stealthgenie comes in three packages which are basic, gold and platinum. If you are looking to purchase then look for between 60 and 200 bucks depending on the package and subscription chosen.

For further details on Stealthgenie’s lg tracker

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Lg spy general Information

This review website done as a service and is the representation of the owners opinion of the products either through testing, customer opinions or research. The Lg spy technology recommended was developed for employee and children monitoring only. If you wish to use it for any other purpose you must confirm by a local legal professional that it does not breach any local legal codes for that particular purpose. If it is not this technology must not be implemented. In this website there are links which are known as affiliate links. This means that the owner may be paid when you click on them. For more details read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy